Pennies from Heaven

PENNIES FROM HEAVEN  (for Yorkshire Ambulance Service employees)


During the Covid pandemic, YAS Charity has been at the forefront of providing items, services and payments to support colleagues and volunteers.  We have been fortunate to receive funding from the national Covid-19 NHS Appeal to enable us to do this, but this funding will not last forever, and we need to generate charitable income all year round, every year.  This will enable us to always be here for YAS staff and volunteers when you need us, as well as engaging our communities and saving lives.  Unfortunately this year, most of our fundraising has dried up completely, and so we would like to ask every YAS colleague to please sign up to support YAS Charity in a very simple way, and you won’t even notice it!


“Pennies from Heaven” is a scheme whereby you can round down your net salary to the nearest pound, and donate the pennies to YAS Charity. So for example, if your net pay was £1,242,.58p this would be rounded down to £1,242.00 into your bank account, with YAS Charity receiving the 58p.   This is less than a cup of coffee every month, but with thousands of staff in YAS, it could make a really big difference to YAS Charity, and help us to help our colleagues and volunteers in return. 


Signing up is really simple;  just visit the Pennies from Heaven website,  select YAS as your employer, and enter your details. Thank you!