How to Apply

Funding Community Public Access Defibriallators (cPADs) - how we can help you! 

Funding Community Public Access Defibriallators (cPADs) - how we can help you! 

The YAS Charity will consider applications from local community based groups who are raising funds for the purchase of such equipment up to a maximum of 50% of the total cost (including VAT). The community group would then be wholly responsible for the fitting, upkeep and ongoing maintenance of the equipment along with running costs (estimated at £3 per quarter for electricity) and would also pay for any relevant training/familiarisation session provided by Yorkshire Ambulance Service.
We will prioritise applications based on:

  • Location

  • Health needs of the specific community

  • Proximity to other defibrillators

Our most popular programme is the 999 Scheme. We ask groups to fundraise £999 and this is boosted by a contribution of £412 from the YAS Charity. All of the money comes to YAS Charity and an entire cPAD is purchased by the YAS Charity and gifted to your community group.
Unless you have a specific request or financial situation we will consider you for the 999 scheme.
Our application process …
To be considered for funding please complete the application providing information on:

  • Confirmation that you have raised at least 50% of the cost of the equipment

  • Details of where the cPAD would be sited

  • Who will be responsible for the cPAD

  • Who would be the appointed Guardians

  • Detailed plans for the ongoing maintenance including funding ongoing running costs.

All applications will be considered by the YAS Charity Expenditure Group. Meetings are held in March, June, September and December. If we do not have all of the information needed to make a decision your application will be referred to the next group meeting.
Following a successful application your group will be asked to make your the donation of your funds raised to the YAS Charity by a set date. On receipt of these funds, we will order your equipment and it will be issued to you.  Your organisation will be responsible for installation.  The YAS Charity will follow up to ensure the equipment has been installed and potentially arrange press/media work to celebrate the installation of this life-saving equipment in your community.