Bradford cPAD scheme details and application

About the scheme
This scheme is funded by grants generously given from Bradford Central Lions Club CIO and Bradford Council. Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity (YAS Charity) is managing the scheme and supporting the communities with fundraising, submitting applications and providing the cPAD equipment. Applications from areas that are most in need due to a lack of cPAD’s will be prioritised first. Each community group/organisation will need to raise some funds from their own activities. Once the fundraising target is reached, the remainder of funding will come from the scheme and the cPAD will be purchased and gifted to the community group/organisation. Free training can also be arranged through Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity after the cPAD is installed, on how to use it and additional training on CPR. 
Here's a list of FAQ'S 
Will we be able to receive funding?
There are some criteria to be eligible for funding from the scheme:
  • Usually we require that there is not a cPAD within 600m of the proposed installation point to maximise coverage, however depending upon the area and population need this is flexible.
  • The scheme can only fund cPAD’s:- these are defibrillators that are placed outside in a secure cabinet and can be accessed by any member of the public 24/7 with no restrictions.
  • We can only gift cPAD’s to community groups/organisations or religious/local authority/youth/community sites. Private individuals, businesses and commercial organisations are not eligible for funding, however YAS Charity is able to help with Defibrillators for these organisations at a reduced cost, please email for details.
  • Your community must have at least one named individual to act as the responsible guardian for the cPAD. This means completing a weekly check on the defibrillator, ensuring it is returned after use and being the contact for availability or issues. It does not mean responsibility for using it in the event of a cardiac emergency.
  • Once gifted, the cPAD is the responsibility of the community – including replacing batteries (usually every 4 years) or pads (need replaced after every use) YAS charity can help with building the fundraising to provide for the future of the CPAD.
How to Apply?
To get started, please complete the application form at, your application will be sent to YAS Charity and will be reviewed by a panel as soon as possible. You will be kept informed of the outcome and time scales depending upon the number of applications received and in progress.
What happens next?
You will be informed of the panels decision, and if your application is approved whether it has been given priority status. If your application is not successful we still have a number of options to support installing a cPAD or defibrillator at a reduced cost and we can still provide free training and support. 
Why do we have to fundraise?
The scheme has a limited amount of funds and we want to install as many CPAD’s as we can. We don’t just want to install them anywhere, we want to make sure they are located in communities that need them, are able to look after and oversee them to ensure that the CPAD is always ready to use if needed. By involving the community in fundraising we hope that you and the community can feel proud to have taken the steps to help save lives and it helps our funding go further, to be there for even more communities.
How much will we have to raise?
Every Community is different, and YAS Charity will work with each community to achieve a realistic fundraising target. There’ll be support, advice and a handy fundraising pack with ideas and materials to help.
Want to have a chat or have more questions?
Drop us an email to with any queries, please let us know if you’d like a chat and we’ll arrange a call to answer any questions, we can also arrange to come and talk to your community group/organisation. Availability will be limited for this so we may not be able to reach everyone, but we’ll do our best.
Ready to apply?
Click the link and complete your application.