Community Trainer In Action

Don in action!

Community Engagement Trainer- Don was delighted to take the YAS Community Engagement Ambulance to the Chapel Allerton Jazz Festival on the 1st September 2018.

Early this year the YAS Charity worked with Matt Turner of Chapel Allerton Residents Association to install a cPAD and it is great to see this partnership continue.

The day was very hot and sunny and large numbers of people visited the festival, the ambulance, and contributed a total of £32.23 to the YAS Charity collecting box.

Don was also called upon to deal with an 11-year-old boy who was suffering a mild anaphylactic reaction after unwitting exposure to peanuts.

The situation didn't require a 999 call or ambulance, but the youngster and his mum and sister sat inside the ambulance and were monitored and reassured by Don while dad went to the local pharmacy and got some antihistamine syrup.

After a dose of the syrup and 20 minutes resting in the ambulance they happily continued their visit to the festival. Another adventure for Don!

               First Aid Training Hepworth & Idle CC

                 "The training was excellent and delivered in a concise way,
                 bringing to life the subject matter, 
                 using real life situations.
                 I hope we can invite you back next year to do another course."


Don delivered a Free Frist Aid training session to Yorkshire Syrian Refugees which was organised in partnership with the Refugee Council Resettlement Team.  
We received great feedback from both the clients and the advisers.


Don said

“I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the seven men and one lady who came, some with their children, and it was a unique opportunity for me to inform these lovely people about the 999 NHS Emergency Medical Work of Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust. It was a special opportunity for me to deliver humanitarian kindness to men, women and children, who may have experienced the worst of hardships that I could never imagine.”