Fairfields Project

YAS Charity has been awarded a grant to support a range of activities and improvements at our York Fairfields Site. The grant is part of a total of nearly £1.2million that has been allocated to create and improve green spaces across the UK, thanks to a new Greener Communities Fund from environmental charity Hubbub and NHS Charities Together, funded by proceeds from the Starbucks 5p cup charge.

The grant is allowing us to create a unique green space on site which works in partnership with nature. The project aims to:
  • to provide space for our colleagues to take a break in nature when working
  • support local wildlife on site 
  • helping increase biodiversity on the site
  • create volunteering opportunities for colleagues and local communities to work with nature, and support positive mental health
Here's just some of the activities and installations that are being added to the site:
  • Fruit tree orchard 
  • Herb and vegetable boxes
  • Ponds to support toads and frogs 
  • Hibernacula across the site to support small wildlife 
  • A green roof shelter to provide outside training and covered quiet space 
  • A Tansy beetle conservation area 
  • Tree's and plants added to the site
To keep updated with the project and see pictures and videos of our progress click to follow our Facebook page. Volunteering and community opoortunities at the site will also be avilable via Facebook.