About Us

This Year We Have:

  • Placed more than 60 community defibrillators in local communities
  • Funded a Community Education Trainer who trained more than 2900 people in 2016/17
  • Financially supported the annual Restart a Heart Day where 30,000 young people were trained in CPR in 113 schools across Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Finncially supported our network of volunteer Doctors - The YAS Basics.
  • Suported our YAS Collegues with health and well being projects. 

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust is the Corporate Trustee of the YAS Charity. This means that The YAS Board of Directors is responsible, as a whole, for the Governance of our Charity.  The Board of Directors have appointed the YAS Charitable Funds Committee to oversee the management of the charity. 

This unique partnership enables us to direct charitable donations to meaningful project which are complimentary to the services provided by The Trust. Find our more about The Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.